I have been playing hockey since I was a little girl. I started skating at about 3 or 4 years old and was playing organized hockey by 5 years old.

I watched hockey with my dad and idolized Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux. My dad built a rink in our backyard and I would practise Gretzky and Lemieux’s moves for hours and hours on end – sometimes by myself and sometimes scrimmaging with my brother and sister.

Each gold medal experience is unique but I am always extremely proud to be representing Canada. It’s a thrill standing at centre ice and when they put the medal around my neck there is always a sense of relief that we made it. Then almost immediately my teammates and I start thinking about how we will defend our title in 4 years at the next games.

I have always loved the Edmonton Oilers. Now, being a Calgarian who hails from Saskatchewan, that can be a dangerous affiliation to publicly state.

I also have a lot of respect for various players on various teams due to their athleticism, their commitment to their community or their records. But, overall, I am still a tried and true Oilers fan!

I will be attending the University of Calgary as a full-time medical student working my way towards the title of “Dr. Wickenheiser.” I love learning and plan to continue my education formally or informally for the rest of my life!

Noah! He’s the best!

Life is like a roller coaster. Never get too high or low in life.

Get up early, train, coffee, hit the water and chill, maybe go for a bike ride, spend time with friends and family.

Gongshow: life on the frozen water

An iPad Pro. I got teased all the time for my low-tech agenda that I
carried around. One of my friends said, “Hey Hayley – this is the future,
welcome to it.” LOL!

So many people, but those who just live with passion and go after their
dreams in life. I have a painting of Nelson Mandela because he’s one of my
heroes, but I really do have many.

“Made a difference for others, had a good time doing it!”

Teleportation… I loathe travelling!

In the 1940s with my son, Noah, who I am sure lived a past life then — he
is such an old soul.

As a parent, I think you fear your children will die before you do otherwise not much else.

U2, my son’s piano recital recordings, and some chill mixes.

In airports when people move right up to the luggage belt. Like, stand behind the line –there is room for everyone!!!

My favorite food is: Eggs

My favorite drink is: Cranberry with soda

My favorite colour is: Blue

My favorite word is: Epic

My favorite book as a…
Kid: Interstellular Pig
Teenager: Grapes Of Wrath
Now: “Long Walk to Freedom” by Nelson Mandela

My favorite hobby as a…
Kid: Playing outside
Teenager: All sports
Now: Spending time outdoors biking, hiking and camping

My least favorite things are:
– Physics
– Video Games
– When people don’t respect the environment