Hall of Famer, Goyette heads to China this week for Wick Hockey

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) Danielle Goyette, recently announced as one of the newest Hockey Hall of Fame inductees, was named as Head Coach for Wick Hockey‘s first on-the-ground foray into China to help grow the grassroots of the game. Goyette will lead a group of Wick Hockey

Game Day Sochi

Gold medal day: I am not often speechless, but today, the day after the big day I am – both figuratively and literally. I guess I will begin the morning of that day. We were suffering from a case of anxious anticipation. Some had nerves, other were just excited. It

Day 15 Sochi

Day 15 morning: here are a few pics of us getting ready for the game…nerves are in full force! Today’s the day! Go Canada! Now, I am going to go off on a bit of a story here. Today we met a Fort McMurray family who has been to every

Day 14 Sochi

Day 14: I am combining a couple of days here as I suspect that I will be far too tired tomorrow morning after the game to be posting. I have heard rumors about post-game celebrations, so I am bracing myself GO CANADA!!!! On the bus ride yesterday we came upon

Day 13 Sochi

Day 13: It is hard to imagine that the days here are almost done. Today it was pouring rain and we didn’t have any events, so I have to say this blog may be a little dull as I kind of holed-up in my hotel. Marilyn got a massage this

Day 12 Sochi

Day 12: We start the day by crashing the Hockey Canada staff BBQ. We are the only player family staying in Adler. The rest of the families are staying on the cruise ships in Sochi, about 45 minutes from here. We aren’t special, just anxious and got our accommodations booked

Day 11 Sochi

Day 11: Headed straight to P&G Family House today to get very patriotic manicures. But I’m anxious that I am going to miss something cool as I have yet to head to the far side of Olympic Park… Only 5 days left and we have worn a familiar path. We

Day 10 Sochi

Day 10: Today is our first day up to the mountain cluster (well, on purpose anyway.) We have heard that the trek is a long one, so we head out midday for our night event of ski jumping, supposing that we would do some sight seeing.   Up the mountain

Day 9 Sochi

Day 9: We woke up this morning to discover our “I am Canadian” beach pic had been tweeted by Hayley and retweeted by everyone from major news networks to the Canadian Olympic Team. Have to say if I was going to choose a pic of me to go viral, I

Day 8 Sochi

Day 8: Today was a family day for Hayley, approved by her coaches, so we meet her at the hotel and head out. With some great guides, thanks to Hayley, we start at San Remo Restaurant, possibly one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever been to. The floor