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The Club Wick Annual Membership is currently $99 for full access to Hayley’s video library which includes both on-ice and off-ice videos with Hayley and special guests such as her very own personal trainer, her own Coach as well as other high level hockey professionals that you are now in the loop with as a member of Club Wick.

This is for players who want to stay connected, up to date and continue to improve not only their game but their life. We would be honoured to have you – click the red button to join us!

For me, Club Wick is one of the most exciting projects I have on the go because it allows me to give directly back to the game & all of the up and coming players. I’m really excited about where we are going with Club Wick and the commitment we have to making it an inclusive community for everyone who loves hockey.

~Hayley Wickenheiser

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Club Wick is a vision I had a few years ago when I started to think about what my contribution and legacy was going to be to the game and the people who have supported me over the years.

It’s a community of like minded people who LOVE hockey.

It’s an opportunity to see behind the scenes of what my crazy my is like.

It’s a way for me to provide resources and an outlet for players, coaches, parents and hockey fans who want to continue to learn and enjoy the game.

We have created over 80+ HD videos (both on-ice and off-ice) on the following topics:

  •  “Top Shelf Shooting” – digital access to full HD video series on Wrist Shot, Slap Shot, Snap Shot, Backhand as well as a special “Tip & Tricks” Module (17 Videos Total)
  • “First To The Puck” – digital access to full HD skating video series on Using Your Edges, How To Pivot, Crossovers, Skating “V” Starts, as well as “Tips & Tricks” To Improve Your Skating (probably NOT what you think)… (16 Videos Total)
  • Hayley’s Personal Dryland Training Program – as developed for her by Andy O’Brien (Sidney Crosby’s personal trainer, and trainer to many NHLers) created for Hayley during the 2014 off-season (7 Day Program for the “off season”)
  • “Puck Magnet” – digital access to full HD puck skills video series on everything from Stick Handling, Passing, Carrying The Puck, Saucer Pass to a “Tip & Tricks” Module


On top of that, I take you through a 6-week digital introduction of Club Wick via “personal” tour from me (I created the 6-week plan myself especially for you) in an email format which includes the following:

WEEK 1: The Fine Art of Balance

After being on the National Team since the age of 15, Hayley goes through balance on and off the ice and how you can learn from her mistakes!

WEEK 2: Playing With An Edge

This metaphor reflects on the not only the power of skating but also on how to get the most out of fuelling your game. A “younger” Hayley used to cross over “the line” more often however, now she’s learned how to play with an edge and will share with you how you can too.

WEEK 3: Versatility

One of the keys to being successful on and off the ice to learn how to adapt and evolve. Hayley talks about how to do this in your game to make you a more valuable player and also in life.

WEEK 4: The “Core” Of It All

One of the greatest areas of strength for the best hockey players in the world comes from developing core muscles for physical strength and also mental toughness. Hayley walks you through how to get the most out of your training on and off the ice so you can leverage your “core”.

WEEK 5: Elevate

Well we all know there are key moments in the game where the smallest of plays can make the biggest difference and ultimately change the outcome of the way the game goes. Having the ability as a player to “sense’ when a key play is needed in the game and delivering is the ability to elevate – Hayley explains how to do this on and off the ice with personal examples.

WEEK 6: Performance On Demand

Taking the theme of ‘elevating’ your game to the next level is being able to give a great performance on demand, anytime, anywhere. The Olympics is so unique and exciting to watch because of this very concept. There are no do-overs. Hayley talks about how to prepare yourself to rise to the occasion.


After all of this there’s additional videos in the library on equipment, safety and more behinds the scenes videos. We are going to be putting these out regularly, except Club Wick members will have access to the full version with special features.

On top of that (lol) you will also be the first to know about upcoming, exclusive events, promotions, and chances to connect and get to the “front of the line”.

How cool is that?!

Join me at Club Wick before it closes, it’s less than a lucky toonie a week…

I’ll see you on the inside!



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Hayley’s videos and tips are always so fun and interesting. I love it and I learn a lot.
~ Bayleigh Unser, Club Wick Founding Member

I love Wick’s approach to leaving a legacy for this game. She is always so inclusive. From the house to rep and even elite, Hayley ensures there is something for everyone. She can’t dance, but she CAN teach. haha!
~ Natalie Spooner, National Team Gold Medalist 2014 and Amazing Race Canada runner-up and Wick’s Sochi roomie

Hayley is a true inspiration. Her dedication and commitment to get better each and every day is second to none. I can’t think of a better role model for young athletes, no matter what the endeavour.
~ Andy O’Brien, Personal Trainer to Sidney Crosby and many other NHLers

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