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3 Keys To A Harder,
More Accurate Shot 

Even if you think you are a “smaller” player or have no upper body strength…

Hayley reveals why she thinks it’s a myth that boys can shoot harder than girls

Learn how to keep the goalies guessing with these 3 keys & “snipe” more goals

Discover what makes a good shooter GREAT (And, how you can be too)

Trick #1

at 1 minute & 32 seconds in you'll find out...

Trick #1

The secret to getting the MOST power behind your shot (even if you're smaller)

Trick #2

at 52 seconds into the video Hayley reveals...

Trick #2

Find out how often you need to practice your shot each week.

Trick #3

at 2 minutes & 3 seconds she discusses...

Trick #3

Why Stamcos, Crosby & Ovie are some of the best shooters (& how you can be too).

Learn The 3 Keys For Any Player When Developing Their Shot

This should be the focus for all players, whether you play defence or forward – you need these building blocks to help improve your shot consistently and keep the goalies guessing!