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1 Simple Trick To Improve
Your Skating…

Learn the 4 sections of your skate blade that you can use to your advantage to make you a better skater no matter where you are on the ice

Discover why you should spend the majority of your time on the “2-3” of your blade & demonstrations on how to do that

Assistant Coach of Team Canada & Head Coach of the U of C Women’s Hockey Team , Danielle Goyette, explains the #1 reason most players get their hockey “stance” wrong

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Trick #1

How to stay on your feet no matter how big the other player is...

Trick #1

Use this hockey stance to be the last one standing.

Trick #2

Discover where 2-3 is on your skate blade and why you should care...

trick #2

It will help you be first to the puck!

Trick #3

Become Impossible To Move In Front Of The Net...

Trick #3

And get under the skin of your opponent!

Learn This 1 Simple Trick To Help You Stay On Your Feet, Be The First One To The Puck & Improve Your Skating Regardless Of Which End Of The Ice You Are At:

Learn from Hayley & Danielle Goyette this simple trick to use to your advantage on the ice and leave opponent looking at the numbers on the back of your jersey – get the video now!

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