When I am not training/competing I like to:
1. Spend time playing trucks or dinosaurs with my son Noah.
2. Spend time outdoors, especially mountain biking.
3. Read books and watch hockey on TV.

The three things I like best about hockey are:
1. The fact that it’s never the same on the ice. Every shift, something different
     happens, and you can make it happen.
2. The satisfaction of knowing you did your best, and the feeling of exhaustion
     at the end of a tough game.
3. Practicing and going on the ice each day to try new and creative things.

My greatest accomplishments:
As a Team: Winning the Gold Medal in 2002 was my greatest accomplishment because we did it as a team, not to mention we were the underdogs!
Personal: I would say playing professional men's hockey in Finland, along with making the Canadian Olympic Softball Team.

My education:
I went to elementary school in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan and then moved to Calgary and attended St. Vincent De Paul Junior High and Bishop Carroll High School. I have completed two and a half years on my Bachelor of Science at the University of Calgary. If I’m not playing or involved in hockey, I hope to one day study medicine.

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