When I am not training/competing I like to:
1. Spend time playing trucks or dinosaurs with my son Noah
2. Spend time outdoors, especially mountain biking
3. Read books and watch hockey on TV

The 3 things I like best about hockey are:
1. The fact that it's never the same thing twice on the ice. Each shift something different happens, and you can make it happen
2. The satisfaction of knowing you did your best, and the feeling of exhaustion at the end of a tough game
3. Practicing and going on the ice each day to try new and creative things

My greatest accomplishments:
AS A TEAM: I think winning the Gold Medal in 2002 was the greatest accomplishment because we did it as a team, not to mention we were the underdogs as well!

I would say playing professional men's hockey in Finland, along with making the Canadian Olympic Softball Team.

My education:
I went to elementary school in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, and then moved to Calgary and attended St. Vincent De Paul Junior High and Bishop Carroll High School. I have completed two and a half years on my Bachelor of Science at the University of Calgary. If I am not playing or involved in hockey, I hope to one day study medicine.

My favorite food is: Eggs
My favorite drink is: Cranberry with Soda
My favorite color is: Blue
My favorite word: Epic
My favorite book as:
Kid: Interstellular Pig
Teenager: Grapes Of Wrath
Now: "Long Walk to Freedom" by Nelson Mandela

My favorite hobby as:
Kid: Playing outside
Teenager: All sports
Now: Spending time outdoors biking, hiking, and camping

My least favorite things are:
1. Physics
2. Video Games
3. When people don't respect the environment

My best memory about being a kid is:
Growing up in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, spending hours and hours outside building tree forts, playing hide and go seek, skating on the outdoor rink and terrorizing the neighbourhood with all of the other kids!

My best character trait is:
That I have the ability to read people well

My worst is:
Lack of patience

If I wasn't an athlete:
I would like to be working in Africa to help rid the world of HIV/AIDS -- helping to save lives.

People might be surprised to know that I:
1. Play the piano
2. Am a neat freak
3. Am happiest on my family farm in Saskatchewan

My thoughts about hockey and competing:
When I was a girl, people used to tell me that girls don't play hockey. Nowadays, it's natural to see a girl walk into the rink with a hockey bag on her shoulder! I really believe that if you truly love the game, you will work hard at it, and it won't feel like hard work. I always try to find ways to improve each day, whether it's working on my shot, skating, scoring or keeping fit.

I feel I still have so much to learn about hockey, and I try to watch the best players in the world on TV. Then, I go out on the ice and try to do what they do. I am not afraid to make mistakes, and I try to play as free and creative as I can in game situations. I like to focus on one shift at a time. Also, I do not focus on wins/losses, goals and assists, but rather on playing great inspiring hockey each time I am on the ice. Hockey is the greatest game in the World!