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A membership to Club Wick invites you to be a part of a hockey community for girls and women where you will be able to connect with other players, ask Hayley questions, and learn new skills to improve your game.

  • EXCLUSIVE access to skills development videos on topics ranging from equipment selection to insider tricks-of-the-trade for shooting, skating and stick handling and more!
  • A CUSTOM welcome message from Hayley
  • Monthly LIVE WEB CHATS where you can connect directly
  • BEHIND-THE-SCENES access to Hayley's blog and special announcements
  • Access to Hayley's ‘Super Contests’ and even more super PRIZES
  • Special event wish messages
  • And so much more….

See you inside Club Wick!

HEY COACHES!... Check out the "Coach’s Bench" for exclusive content developed just for you from some of the most world-renowned coaches.

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