I was raised in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, where I first learned how to skate and play hockey. Life in Shaunavon revolved around the rink and the farm. Shaunavon is a great place to live and a true hockey town of about 2000 people. Located in southwestern Saskatchewan, I am proud to call Shaunavon my home town and continue to actively participate in charity and fundraising events there.

The rink I grew up playing in is over 75 years old and has been condemned. Residents of Shaunavon have been working over the past 5 years on the “Millennium Project” to build a new rink. Construction is under way but the fundraising efforts continue. CBC’s Hockey Day in Canada broadcasted live from Shaunavon, officially kicking off the fundraising efforts. Celebrities such as Don Cherry, Ron Mclean, Ken Dryden and Wendel Clark all visited Shaunavon in an effort to help raise dollars to build the new rink. The new arena is slated to be finished late 2009.For more information on how to donate or get involved with the ‘Millennium Project’, please go to www.townofshaunavon.com

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