Game Thinking Drills

LIVE web chats are not just for players. Here an Atoms coach from Easter Canada asks Hayley to weigh on drills he can teach his daughters and their teammates.

This is the same drill the Olympic Gold medal winning Women’s National team used to do to close up practice. Coach Mel explains using diagrams how to implement this power play drill in your own coaching. See how this drill can help your players beat their competitors with the pass and quick shot release.

Coach Mel Helps You Coach Your Best Game

Coaches can use a little advising every now and again so Hayley brings in heavy hitting coach Mel Davidson, former head coach of the National Women’s Hockey Team and head scout for Hockey Canada. Mel shares some nuggets of wisdom about how to coach your best game, why emotional control, preparation and love of the game will help you, and your team, go the distance.

Coach Mel Explains a Drill that can be used at any Level

“It’s not just about how you play in THIS game but how THIS game fits into the big picture.” Coach Mel talks about communicating on and off the ice and shows the girls the “cross-ice two-on-two sniper” while Hayley and the girls demonstrate the drill.