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The Intricacies & Anomalies of Playoff Hockey

By Hayley Wickenheiser, Hockey Now, March 15, 2012

Just about the time many Canadians are beginning to look towards Spring and hoping it will come early, dedicated players and hockey fans are holding-out for the last hurray of hockey season: playoffs.

Even after six months of early morning practises, late night games, weekend tournaments, The Hockey Night in Canada theme song, locker room interviews, backyard rink games, broken NHL records, and new community all-stars; we, the hockey faithful are eager for the real fun to begin. So what makes the much anticipated playoff season so different from regular season? Well, to start, everything is on the line. It’s the culmination of an entire season of a team trying to find their groove, of new rivalries emerging and old adversaries surfacing, and the chance to show how far you’ve come and what you’re made of. (Read More...)

The Pursuit of Academics and Athletics: A Fine Balance

By Hayley Wickenheiser, Hockey Now, October 14, 2011

As a young kid, one day I looked at mom and said, “Mom, I don’t want to be just another dumb jock!”

All these years later, I would say it with a little more diplomacy, but the sentiment remains the same—I have always been determined to build not just my hockey skills and my career on the ice, but to remember that there is life after hockey and one day I won’t be chasing a puck, but chasing a career goal. That is why I am a full-time student again and facing many of the same challenges of the pursuit of balance of hockey and academics as many who are younger than I and are just starting to chase their hockey dreams.

My hockey life has, and will continue to, bring value to my off-ice skill set, as I have learned some key life and academic lessons through this sport. (Read More…)

What’s The Best Route For My Daughter: Boys Or Girls Hockey?

By Hayley Wickenheiser, Hockey Now, August 29, 2011 

A young girl heads through the doors of the local arena, stick and bag slung over her shoulder and heads down to the dressing rooms to gear up for the game. Thankfully, the question is no longer, ‘what is she doing there’ but rather ‘what team does she play for?’ Does she play on an all-girls team or does she hit the ice alongside the boys? It’s also a question you might be considering for your daughter as the start of the season nears.

I went to the boy’s side of the game based on several factors, not the least of which was a simple circumstance of the lack of a girl’s team in my community. I don’t regret the decision to play with boys and later with men, as my experience was that it elevated my game in various ways. In fact, I often sought out men’s teams as I went further in my career in order to hone certain aspects of my game.

However, many girls these days head directly into the girls dressing rooms without much thought about playing with boys. I am happy that today it is an option for young girls coming into the game to do either, but it is precisely that – an option – a decision to made with many factors to consider. (Read more…)


Women's Hockey After The 2010 Olympics: Where Do We Go From Here?

By Hayley Wickenheiser, Hockey Now, October 11, 2011

This summer was an exciting time for women's hockey. While comments made regarding disparity of skill in the female game made during the Olympics may have at first seemed like a blow to our sport and I would argue that those comments were the best thing that could have ever happened for women's hockey globally. Why? Because it got people talking about women's hockey and not just talking about it, but examining it, analyzing it and generally thinking about a sport that has perhaps existed as a backdrop, albeit a bold one, rather than something in the foreground.
I truly felt light being shone on our game like never before when it was decided that the Molson Canadian World Hockey Summit would include an entire day committed to the female game around the world, at which I was honoured to have been asked to present. (Read more…)

A Look Back Towards A Bright Future: One Year Since The Olympics

By Hayley Wickenheiser, Hockey Now, February 11, 2011

Many times over the past year, my thoughts have turned to the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. In some ways, it feels like only moments ago that we stood proud at centre ice. In many other ways, it seems so very long ago.

Of course, every Olympics has something special about it, but it goes without saying that the 2010 Games, in particular, has left an impression on my life that is unmatched.

As staff, volunteers and athletes gather in Vancouver to commemorate the one-year anniversary, it may be cliché but inevitable that you will read many of these retrospectives because the nostalgia and energy is something we all want to relive. (Read more…)

My National Team: the Edmonton Oilers

By Hayley Wickenheiser, The Globe and Mail, Thursday, July 1, 2010

As a Calgarian, I will risk life and limb and state unequivocally that the Edmonton Oilers are the country’s most iconic sports team because they epitomize all things Canadian to me. The spirit of Canada runs powerfully through the veins of the organization, from the team’s fans to the franchise and the city of Edmonton itself.

Edmonton is northern and cold – precisely the locale intended for my sport. The team is engaged with the community and slugs through its fair share of controversy, as well as a gruelling travel schedule – they are tough. And Oilers fans are fiercely loyal and optimistic.

All of these traits are quintessentially Canadian.

And how could the Oilers not be the most iconic sports team when they have produced the most iconic players of the game? Just to name a few: Coffey, Anderson, Lowe, Fuhr, Messier and, of course, Gretzky. Most of their names are instantly recognizable whether or not you are a hockey fan. I grew up idolizing and emulating these men. (Read more...)