Shooting Skills

Introduction to Shooting the Puck

Whether you're new to the game or you are team MVP, every player can work on their shooting skills. Hayley advises players on what it takes to develop a mean slapshop amongst other tricks of the trade.

See Several Ways to Shoot Through a Screen

A simple but underutilized skill that you can practice with a partner on the ice. Hayley talks players through the “shooting through a screen” drill as she demonstrates it on the ice a number of different ways.

Quick tip on how to be creative when working on your shooting in practice.

Here are some key factors of the wrist shot. Watch how to transfer your weight from your front leg as you apply energy onto your stick to shoot with even more power!

Focusing on arms, Hayley combines the arms and legs together and works on rolling her wrist to bring it all together.

Learn the advanced wrist shot by adding upper and lower body and making it one smooth motion.

Watch to figure out where your stick goes before it makes contact with the puck.

How to use your slap shot while aiming with accuracy.

Combine power and timing - with a strong follow-through - to ensure you're getting your best shot.

Find your sweet spot on your blade and shoot with timing and balance while using your wrists.

Using proper weight transfer, learn to hit the ice behind the puck.

There is more than one way to do the Snap Shot. Watch to learn how to use your entire body and put power into your shot.

Most players don’t have the confidence to use the “backhand shot” but it’s one of the toughest shots for a goalie to stop. Hayley demonstrates a drill that can help players perfect this motion in training and eventually the shot for game time.

See an intermediate drill to take your backhand shot to the next level. Hayley shows players how to practice keeping the puck on the forehand and pulling it to the backhand and then shooting it without losing power.

Graduate to the advanced “backhand.” Learn when it’s the right time to use the backhand in a game situation, how to buy more space and how to fake the goalie.

Watch Hayley to learn an effective move to get past defenders in your game.

Work on your coordination by shooting with your least dominant side.

"Shooting to Score" vs. "Shooting to Create" - Goalies often save the first shot; Hayley explains how to shoot to create second chance opportunities.

Coming Soon!

NEW videos will be posted to help players train, develop skills on and off the ice, and learn with Hayley and friends. What videos would you like to see to help advance your shooting skills? Let us know at [email protected] .