Skating Skills

Skating Philosophy 101

Danielle Goyette, one the game’s best skaters, shares her skating philosophy and how to utilize your skills to get the most out of your game.

Adapt How You Use Your Blades to be more Efficient

Did you know your blades are divided into four parts? Learn from Danielle Goyette how which part of your blade can negatively or positively impact your skating.

Coach Danielle Goyette further explains how skating on different parts of your blade affects your balance and Hayley demonstrates.

Coach Goyette's thoughts on goalies' skating skills.

Learn how to be comfortable on your inside and outside edge while skating.

Danielle Goyette demonstrates how to properly get on top of your inside edge.

Players demonstrate exercises to properly use your inside skating edge.

Introduction to the transition part of the game and how to pivot and save energy.

Danielle Goyette talks about learning how to keep your speed while pivoting.

Coach Danielle Goyette talks about the cross over.

Cross over exercises demonstrated by the players. Learn how to put more pressure into the ice on your outside edge to generate more power.

Coach Danielle Goyette demonstrates the cross over and how to use your edges properly while skating.

Watch as the players demonstrate a cross over exercise

Players demonstrate how both edges must be used while crossing over.

Hayley and Danielle discuss the difference between men and women's skating starts and how to get the most power.

Learn how to use bungees (or household items in a pinch!) to improve your start.

Do you know what type of blade sharpening you like?

What is the “V start”and what does it look like? Watch Hayley as Danielle explains this simple start move by move.

Coming Soon!

NEW videos will be posted regularly to help players train, develop skills on and off the ice, and learn with Hayley and friends. What videos would you like to see to help advance your skating skills? Let us know by emailing [email protected]