Dryland Training

Off-Ice Training to Improve Your Game

Hayley Wickenheiser enlists expert help from her Strength Trainer and PT Kelsey Andries, owner of Stenia Health and High Performance. Hayley credits Kelsey to pushing her dry-land training to the next level which in turn has increased her on-ice power.

Proper Technique for Dryland Pushups

So you think you can push-up? Hayley’s own personal trainer, Kelsey uses Hayley to demonstrate how to do a proper push-up including the rotation of your hips and the width of your shoulders. Kelsey shows how you can increase the difficulty of the push-up as you get stronger.

Hayley shows her juggling talents and explains why this is a good skill for warm-up drills.

Fun exercise to work on your forearm muscles!

Using a medicine ball, learn how to mobilize your t-spine, or area that gets tight while you're on the ice playing.

Using your core muscles to pull yourself in and activating your pelvis.

Dryland exercise to activate your hamstring muscles while using your core to stabilize.

Dryland exercise using two legs and later progressing to a one leg lift over Swiss Ball, working your gluteus muscles as well as your hamstrings.

Lower body exercise working your anterior core. Starting off with the single leg and moving on to lifting both legs as you get stronger.

Using hamstrings and gluteus area, progress through basic single leg squat to boxed squat.

An overall amazing core workout. Start with front plank and work through a series of modifications to take you to the next step and make you stronger.

Dryland - lower body exerceise working your posterior muscles.

A fantastic lower body exercise, when done properly of course. PT Kelsey explains the step-up and proper technique while Hayley demonstrates the progressions. Kelsey also elaborates why this easy exercise is ideal for hockey players.

PT Kelsey and Hayley demonstrate exercises that use free weights and isolate back muscles that are great for strengthening when you are in the off-season. They show you how to work stabilizer muscles using a bosu ball.

PT Kelsey demonstrates exercises for the mid-back, you can do at home with a partner and bungees or by yourself at the gym using a cable system.

PT Kelsey works Hayley through a series of exercises that will help you properly work your upper-body and back and isolate specific muscles groups.

Danielle Goyette shows Hayley some outdoor dryland exercises that you could do in your backyard with minimal props and your own coach.

Head Coach of the University of Calgary Dinos, Danielle Goyette, put me through my paces in Finland. Using a work-out rope and my own body weight as resistance, this exercise builds strength and tightens lower body muscles.

Coming Soon!

NEW videos will be posted to help players train, develop skills on and off the ice, and learn with Hayley and friends. What videos would you like to see to help advance your dryland training? Let us know by emailing [email protected]