Advice on What Equipment will Serve you Best

Go inside Team Canada's locker room with Hayley as she shares what type of equipment she uses when she is on the ice. From hockey stick, to skates and pads, Hayley provides insight on how you should choose equipment that will be right for you.

How to Choose the Right Skates

Hayley demonstrates how to fit one of the most important pieces of equipment: your skates. Wick divulges about the type of blade she prefers, how to determine what will give you maximum push and glide and also leaves you with tips for making your skates last.

A good-fitting helmet is the most important piece of equipment; Hayley shows you how to ensure you are wearing a helmet that is going to protect you from a fall, hit and even a concussion.

Hayley gives the run down on the flexibility of her stick and explains why you will want a different level of flex in your hockey stick depending on what position you play.

How using this thin, mandatory layer of protection can help you!

There are many fits of a hockey glove! Find which one is right for you!

Wearing the right elbow pads means wearing secure, proper-fitting pads to avoid an exposed elbow which cause lead to serious injury. Watch to learn what to look for when shopping, whether you're just starting out or need to upgrade!

Learn how to fit a shin pad properly! Watch to see how Hayley likes wearing hers.

Finding the right size pants with the right amount of range of motion, whether you are playing women's hockey or men's hockey!

Hayley explains why choosing shoulder pads is different in women's hockey and provides some hints on how to choose the right ones for you at whatever level you are playing.

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