Puck Skills

Introduction to Stick Handling

If you admire the way Crosby handles the puck or how Datsyuk carries his hockey stick you are not alone. Hear what Hayley says are the keys to making hockey greats stand out.

A Quick Tip to Help Your Game in Unexpected Ways

An effective way to ease your tension and relax on the ice that can help your game in unexpected ways!

Learn how to handle the puck outside your body.

With a partner, practice receiving a pass with your stick.

Learn how to properly pass with the backside of the blade

Watch to learn a useful skill to practice receiving pucks on both edges of your skates.

Hayley shows a good drill for practicing the back hand carry without stick handling.

Hayley shows a group of players how to shift back and forth from each hand while using toe drag to maximize the impact.

Practice the fake forehand to backhand with your stick to improve your puck handling skills!

Watch to see one way you can work on your game and get past defence.

Hayley talks players through an effective and tricky pass while demonstrating everything from how hands should be positioned on the stick to what it looks like step-by-step.

The progression of the “saucer pass” from beginner to expert: as players become comfortable with this movement, Hayley demonstrates ways to make this pass more advanced.

Use the “saucer pass” like the pros by practicing this drill. Hayley shows how using a prop strategically placed on the ice to simulate an opponent can help players conquer this move.

Watch to learn a fun way to improve your puck handling skills!

Here is another way to perfect your puck handling while using another player.

Move the puck around your body and through your feet.

Hayley talks about how relaxation can help your game!

Hayley talks about one thing that could help you improve your game, by just...watching.

Coming Soon!

NEW videos will be posted to help players train, develop skills on and off the ice, and learn with Hayley and friends. What videos would you like to see to help advance your puck skills? Let us know by emailing [email protected] .