Sponsors & Partners


Hayley graciously thanks her respected partners for their passion and commitment to the game, in particular women’s hockey, and their continued support. If you would like to explore a partnership with Hayley, please contact Dan at [email protected] or 905-275-2800. 


Bauer Hockey is the world’s most recognized designer, marketer and manufacturer of hockey equipment and currently operates under the Nike Bauer Hockey name.

MerlinMerlin Ford Lincoln Ford
Merlin Ford has been in the automobile business in Saskatoon since 1946.

Mannatech is a health and wellbeing company and is the leading innovator and provider of nutritional supplements and skin care products based on Real Food Technology Solutions.

Delivergood.org is in the business of matching charities and not-for-profits who have “stuff,” with people and corporations who have “stuff.” Hayley loves this unique social enterprise and works as the organization’s spokesperson and is a member of the board.

    Sport Testing
    Sport Testing provides state-of-the-art athlete assessments with the world's most accurate
                                         equipment. Hayley's personal experience led her to believe Sporttesting gives players
                                         and coaches excellent instant feedback that drives individual and team improvements.